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I'm Abby.  I love to do anything crafty, but specifically, I love to paint. I have been painting ever since I was a little girl. (My mom still has some not-so-frame-worthy childhood paintings of mine hanging in her home). Over the years watercolor has become my medium of choice. I love how delicate, unpredicatable, and undeniably lovely it is. Consider The Lilies Paper sprung from a love for art, color and making people smile. In 2011 when I was searching for my own wedding invitations I discovered some beautiful hand painted invitations that were way out of my budget. I knew if I was going to have the kind of invitations I wanted, I would have to do them myself. And so it started... I designed my invitation suite and it ended up being featured on the Martha Stewart Weddings Blog, and posted on the 100 Layer Cake blog (see below for links to these posts).  A year later my, now, sister-in-law asked me to create her invitations as well. Following that, people would frequently suggest that I should start a business... Eight months later I did, and gave it the name Consider the Lilies Paper, (which I often refer to as CTL Paper, because it's quite a mouthful). 


I love working closely with clients to identify their vision and then bring that idea to life. You will end up with stationery that is not only unique to your style but also a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, piece of art. All the custom designs are painted with watercolor, which give them a delicate and lovely feel with detail in every brush stroke. It is truly my passion to create paper goods that you love, are excited about, and can't wait to mail to your friends and family. 

On a personal note, I live in Los Angeles with my husband, Julian, and two baby girls, Margot & Lainey. I love listening to music louder than I can sing, I am working on being a morning person, and I fully believe that any occasion is a reason to celebrate. 

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